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When a woman can trust her feelings and believe her body can handle it, she creates a whole new level of emotional awareness making the impossible happen.

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Meet the Founder, Alex Darby

Hi, I'm Alex. I learnt how to believe in my body the hard way. But it saved my life (really). I know how our body holds the key to our success, it's how I created the The Clarity Code®. As an ex stress eater, excessive drinker, compulsive shopper and over achiever, being diagnosed with breast cancer put me on a different path, one where emotional awareness creates body belief. 


I'm AN ENNEAGRAM 7 to the max
A leo with a capricorn rising
florence: i love
PET PEEVE? lateness.
drinks two oat milk espressos by miday


Alex taught me how to feel again. I stopped the 4pm muffin run, the midweek shopping trips and I fell back in love with the woman I am. #gamechanger

we're for women who

Bored of not knowing how to solve this for the longterm? I get it. I've been there. You can't learn from someone who's not been where you want to go, and I've been far and wide. From breast cancer, divorce, crippling debt, grief, IVF and a very difficult surgical menopause. I stumbled across The Clarity Code™ because I'd made the impossible happen time and time again, I realised it was always in the same way, following the same three steps; get clear in my mindset, clean up my body and get clarity for the right kind of action.

We've redefined emotional health. It's not just about turning emotional chaos into clarity. It's how your emotions are a compass to what's keeping you stuck. Elevate and transform your body and your bank balance with rock solid emotional health.  

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