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For the price of your daily Starbucks get a lifetime of  health and emotional wealth. 

We've created something exceptional. When you know how to feel all your emotions and trust your body can handle it, you have BodyBelief which means you can achieve anything.  Your block is only ever the fear of the emotions in the way. 

£2K for 10 transformational clarity code™ coaching sessions

By BodyBelief 

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£2k for 10

  • Pre-Code Kick off Coaching 1:1
  • 10 x 1:1 Clarity Code™ Coaching Sessions
  • Industry leading support
  • No need to return policy

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Tailor made time, health and wealth. 

we believe it the clarty code™ so much

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Until you get what you came for. 


no need to return policy


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Pre-Code Kick Off

Goals, Ambitions and Strategies.

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Clarity Code™ Creation

10 Clarity Code™ coaching sessions to  a healthier, emotionally resilient and more confident you. 


How Does the coaching work?

We have a pre-Clarity Code™ kick off session to agree all your goals, then we create the strategy to get you there. Coaching is future focused and whilst we always have your goals in mind, we must work through the emotional blocks that are stopping you along the way. How you eat, how you exercise and how you think as opposed to what is the key. We do cover diet and exercise, but we work on your mindset and emotions first.

Is there really a 100% no need to return policy?

Absolutely. Our aim is to get you results. We won't let you leave until you do, so if, after you've finished The Clarity Code™ and not achieved the goals we'd laid out at the start, we'll coach you for free until you do. 

What results should I expect?

A better relationship with your body, your emotions and elevated levels of confidence. You won't need to buy your 4pm muffin on a Tuesday to get to the end of the day, or finish the bottle of wine you only ever intended having a glass from. You won't need a new outfit to go to that party because you love everything you've already got and it all fits and you won't get derailed when an emotional grenade lands in your lap, you'll deal with it and get on. You will stand your ground, speak your mind, make your moves and look freakin' fabulous in the process. 

Book a free consultation to find out how The Clarity Code™ can transform your emotional health and wealth. 

The Clarity Code™

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Feel good in your body, properly have your own back, and have a clear, strategic and exciting plan to make your reinvention last a lifetime. 

Unlock your emotions and live your rich life. 

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