the 7 rules that need to be broken - your guide to stopping emotional eating, spending and reinventing. 

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What Would Your Life Look Like If You Had A Healthy Relationship To Your Body, Money And Stability so you all can live in a more abundant energy?

Changing the conversation for women's emotional health and wealth in midlife.


And away from the fear "who will I be without this struggle." It's possible to break the mould of how you do things and to stop feeling stuck and full of self sabotage. Imagine who you see in the mirror is exactly who you want to be, you wear 100% of your wardrobe, rather than 10% and even though it's bursting at the seams, you don't need to constantly shop in a bid to feel better. You can check your account and have an unshakeable confidence the money is safe because you can feel your emotions and process them without food, shopping or reinventing who you are, where you live or what your Instagram bio says.

Set Yourself Up For a Self-led lifestyle

I LOVE showing women how they can self-lead AWAY FROM THE STORY they cannot change.

it's time to find your confidence

be happy with your choices

When you change from within, your confidence sky rockets. Numbing your emotions with chardonnay, shopping or self-reinventing, means your decisions are emotional, making you question your choices, over and over again. .

have rock-solid self love

It's a non-negotiable. How you love yourself, is how you'll be yourself, it's the first step to mastering self-leadership, the pivotal mindset to being free from the emotional chains. 

because you rock

When you love who you are around money, food, clothes, mirrors, success and growth you'll stop doubting yourself. The constant need to reinvent something about your life will disappear because you'll love everything exactly as it is now. Not when you get or do x, y or z. 

you need a new take on how you feel all the feels.

If you experience food cravings, spending splurges and redecorating urges (again) if it's controlling your thoughts, making you neglect other parts of your life in an obsessive sort of way, if your weight yo yo's and your bank balance does the same it's time to get back to first principles and look at the relationships you've created to the things controlling your life. It's time to create a new set point, break up with the brooding presence that is your emotional triggers and learn to feel and process your emotions instead.  Willpower is not welcome, because you won't need to beg for it to show up again. 

It's all in the relationships

to get to grips with your emotions

if you're

FRUSTRATED BY your discipline...

It's not your discipline, willpower has nothing to do with it. This is a deep rooted habit. When you love who you are and you process your feelings, your world will literally change. 

OVERWHELMED BY the ups & downs..

A long term  strategy creates real freedom. Peaks and troughs and feast or famine create the rollercoaster ripple effects. This isn't a diet, or a bootcamp, this is behaviour change. 

not sure who you'll be without this

It does sound crazy but it's true. I've been there and that's why creating your new set point is part of the process. Just imagine loving your money and your circumstances, rather than expecting them to save you. 


ongoing butt kicking

Training your brain to choose the thoughts that create the results you want. It's a process, not a quick fix. With a coach success is inevitable.


Welcome to my style fuelled sanctuary. It's safe, judgement free and helps you find who you truly are.


To go deeper than you've ever gone before by taking a whole new approach to changing how your feel and  process your emotions.

but you want to... 

Stop the urge to spend, change or consume

What you feel will not determine what you spend, any self doubt will not result in a new hair colour, or putting your house up for sale, you'll find the doubt and process it instead. 

Stop the control it's holding

The more you process your emotions and become the next version of you, the less you'll care about needing to buy that cashmere jumper because you saw it in Vogue, or drink the whole bottle of wine when one glass will do.

have unshakeable confidence this will stop

Diets, starter budgets or bootcamps aren't effective instigators for long terms behaviour change, restrictions just make it worse. Deliberately and purposefully living  your life, creating your own rules, listening to your body and changing how you show up, that's what this is about. And I'm living proof it works. 

The hidden costs add up too, increased health care, credit card interest costs, friction costs of constant change, and missed opportunities. 

Time being our most valuable resource; these habits can consume between 8-10 hours per week. That's equivalent to 65 working days a year or 21 holiday days. 

Emotional eaters can spend $100 a week extra of food. That's $5000 per year.

Emotional spending adds up, on average each impulse buy is $450 per month. That's $5400 a year. 

did you know...


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HEALTH is a 360 degree thing. You can't be healthy is your thoughts suck. We create stability, confidence and freedom so you can build the best relationships you've ever had with money, food and change. 

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Love beaches, hate hustle. Buy me a Provence rose and sit and chat. 
I adore being a coach because I help you create new and amazing relationships with with yourself, especially in this 'something beautiful' life. I can spot an emotional reactions in others instantly, because I've been there myself. I was a big spender and had an allergic reaction to stability, I needed change to make me feel safe when full of self doubt, but whatever the vice, the emotion's the same. I always knew I had a problem, but didn't dare own it. The day I did, everything changed. I can say with 100% certainty, that once you change the biggest emotional trigger, the rest just disappear, because how you do one thing, you do everything. 

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Because we are all heart, mind, body and emotions. You can't make change happen without it. 

Why Do I Include Health In All My Coaching?


The wall of statistics women face at the average age of 51(45-55) is enough of a warning shot to make changes now. 

Women Bucking The Divorce Trend At 51


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Self doubt sucks. It causes all sorts of emotional responses, such as over eating, over spending and feeling the need to always be reinventing.  Once you've got to the other side of freedom, you'll not only have more cash in the bank, only have clothes you'll actually wear and transparent relationships, you'll have a life you're obsessed with.

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the 7 rules that need to be broken

Stop the battle with you body, your bank balance and your self-concept and start the process to stop emotionally eating, spending and constant reinventing.


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It's possible to break the mould of how you do things. It's possible to create thoughts that make stuff happen and it's possible to feel more connected to your body, the key players in your life and the success you want to create now.

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If you're ready for more cash in your bank, more clothes to wear and more transparent relationships for good, let's chat.

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To start the stopping of emotional eating, spending and constant reinventing. Stop the battle with your body, your bank balance and your self-concept. 


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Stop the battle with you body, your bank balance and your self-concept and start the process to stop emotionally eating, spending and constant reinventing.

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